About the Founder?

  • Ingrid Morris
    Ingrid Morris Founder

    Philanthropist/Corporate Strategist/Entreprenur founded Brown Sons Empowered as an answer to the question “what are we going to do about all this violence against our little brown boys”. She simply got tired! With over 20 years of successful Corporate and Non Profit Experience specifically in finance and sales, Ingrid quickly mobilized Moms to have a strategic discussion around viable solutions. She leveraged her success in growing major corporations revenue to $200MM in profit, to communicating the growing need to simply not sit on the sidelines and be spectators.

    Ingrid is the owner of Morr Solutions Unlimited,  a boutique business start-up and revenue generation consulting firm and The ProfitFirst Academy, where she teaches women how to make morr money and live morr life.

    She is also a new Author, with her book: Putting the Pieces Back Together, a guide to getting through the first 30 days of divorce; to be released in December 2017.

    You can follow or connect with Ingrid at www.morrsolutionsu.com.

    Ingrid has received many awards and been recognized by CEOs, national publications, and local organizations. She is most proud to be the mother of a little brown boy, Tate age five, that keeps her young and on the go!

  • Traci Banks
    Traci Banks Executive Director

    Corporate Accountant and Entrepreneur.  As the Executive Director of Brown Sons Empowered, her role and responsibility is pretty simple, she’s a mom raising an African American boy in America.  Tracie worries about how she has to explain to her 6-year-old son not everyone is as nice as mommy and daddy. In fact, statistics show that the older he gets the more likely it is he will become victim of violence. Having over 20 years Accounting experience in Corporate Real Estate, her extreme attention to detail and communication skills offer the most unique style which is why she’s currently handling a combined portfolio worth $100MM in profit.

    Tracie is the owner of Tracie Banks Event Studio, a full service Wedding Planning + Event Design + Styling company in Chicago, Illinois where she has directed weddings, coordinated large dinner auctions, planned baby showers, small family retreats and a variety of other functions.  Tracie earned her Bachelor degree from the University of Robert Morris and became accredited through Correlations, LLC, as a Certified Event Planner.

    You can connect with Tracie at www.tbeventstudio.com or follow via social media @ tbeventstudio.

  • Maggie Muhammad
    Maggie Muhammad Sponsor Relations
  • Dori Collins
    Dori Collins Director of Community Affairs
  • Keyonda Pyles
    Keyonda Pyles Programming